Here I am!

Well it has arrived! I finally started my own official blog! I’ve played around with the MySpace blog like 100 years ago, did like 10 posts in total of that nonsense. But this will be the official place where I say my peace. Where, I, will finally use as a place to talk about, well, EVERYTHING. Everything and anything that is in my radar or interests me, I will put on here. I’m excited and a bit scared, but at least, with this, I will leave an official legacy for myself. If I ever leave this earth, anyone can look back at this and just read what was on my mind at the time. I’ve always been an open book. Not much to hide. Born and raised in NYC, my mother worked her butt off for my brother, sister, and I to get an excellent Catholic education, with the help of my beautiful grandmama. I’ve done my best to make them proud. I am no where near perfect. I’ve finally come to a place in my life that I realize I don’t need to be (perfect). It’s just not possible. I’m in my 20s and it’s been THE best learning experience of my life.

For now I leave you with this. I am one of the very open-minded humans I know. Judging is NOT in my vocab. I’m a true believer in ” do unto others as they do to you”. The first step in changing this world is paying it forward.

Until next time!


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