The Aguilera Complex

 I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about what my next blog topic should be.

I’ve lost a bit of sleep thinking about this. This is probably the biggest curse a blogger can have! (even the ones that HAVE a written-in-stone genre for their blogs).

Finally I got the little push I needed in the form of a W Magazine cover with my favorite singer in the world, Christina Aguilera.

Now, I am not going to sit here and rant about her extremely robust work of art.  Her music speaks for itself.  Her catalog of music is not only underminded, but painfully ignored. Never the less, great works of art are usually appreciated long after its inception.

So moving forward.

I read the article, and as usual, it’s making her look like she “tries” to “fit in” to the whole trash montage that is mainstream music today.

Poor thing, I honestly don’t believe she objectifies herself at all to try to fit in.  She does everything, in my opinion, with absolutely no one in mind.  This is an artist, that is fully focused on her music, herself and her fans.

Moving forward, she divorced her hubby, started going out with Kevin Federline 2.0 (the only thing I’m not a big fan of, but hey to each its own) and just started actually living a little. Unfortunelty this is when the bees started approaching the nectar.  The flies approaching the poop.  The tabs and the paps approaching the “juice”.

Here’s a woman, that released, in my opinion, a solid fun album (if anyone loves her and her voice, it was a fun change) with Bionic. Yet the comparisons to Lady Caca were still being used, and basically it really didn’t matter what the woman did. DOn’t even get me STARTED on Burlesque.  Great, fun movie that unfortunelty doesn’t get the props it deserves.

What is the problem? Why can’t this girl ever catch a break? Is it because she’s real, raw and honest?

W Mag answered it for me:

And yet, Aguilera’s public mishaps and extreme behavior have actually been good for her career. The pop-star narrative demands intrigue and reversals of fortune. America likes its icons—especially ones like ­Aguilera, who have grown up in public and been famous for years—to be both pristine and tabloid ready. It’s an odd extension of the Madonna-whore complex rewritten for celebrity culture: Pop stars should be pure phenoms who never age or reveal their imperfections, but they must also be provocative enough to stay interesting to an increasingly fickle, restless, and media-obsessed audience. Without bumps in the road or some kind of personal drama, a pop star is easy to forget. Which is why, for instance, the squeaky-clean Jonas Brothers were followed by the squeaky-clean Justin Bieber. Unless Bieber gets arrested soon, he will be replaced by Greyson Chance, a youngster on the rise.

And so there it is.  Unfortunelty, Reese Witherspoon is the only one in this industry that is untouched and can actually continue a career forward with not as much tarnish. One of my favorite quotes:
Is indeed true.  Aguilera tried the good girl gig, and it just doens’t work. I will always be a fan and never fall for the crap the media puts out.  It’s too bad that her talent doesn’t suffice for actual relevence.
And so well all march on…


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