Clingy To God

This topic came about this past weekend, when I went to visit my good friend who I’ve known since, in her words, “junior high”.

To clarify, I went to Catholic school from 1st to 8th grade.  She came in around 6th or 7th grade. Hence, her knowing me since “junior high”.

Anywho, she and I were catching up and discussing several female topics (not going to bother to list them here).

The topic of Church came up. One thing I will state here, is that religion is not something I am very grrrrr about. I am 100% open-minded to ALL religions and beliefs (except Cults).

And she mentioned that she wanted to go to church to be closer to God.  I explained to her that I need Church in my life for the sole purpose of guidance and help. She then said that she’s a spiritual person and that she knows right from wrong.

And this is where the topic begins.  I realized that there are good people in this world that don’t need to be part of a religion and don’t need to go to Church every day or week, to be good people. 

There are some people, like myself, that need the guidance of talking to a priest and or the power of prayer to give me strength to not hit someone over the head with a pan.

Now, I am not a saint. I don’t go to Church every Sunday, only because I get tied up with other things. If my schedule was more concrete, I would go each and every Sunday.  I do pray very often and without it, I’d honestly be a worse wreck then I already am!

I am indeed “clingy to God”.  I need Him in my life! We all have our own relationships with God, or religion or whatever anyone believes (or doens’t believe).  All I know, is that I need the guidance to continue trying to be a contributing member of this society we’re living in!

I wanted to put this observance down on my blog, because I am absolutely sure that the topic will arise later in life. Perhaps I will read this and think how naive I was. Til then, I will always need the guidance of the Gospel and the faith, so I can continue to be the best person I can be.

Til then!



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