Miss Casey Anthony & THE VERDICT

Ok. So I’ve been hesistant to write about this biatch because, everyone does.

She might as well have her lawyers copywright her name ASAP.

Not going to lie, I’ve been on this case since Day 1, just like Nancy Grace, except I’ve never tried to make money off of this horrific tragedy. 

Long story short, I was not at all surprised of the acquittal. There is NO WAY ANYTHING ends that PERFECTLY.  Wouldn’t it have been perfect for her to get the Death Penalty? Then have it overturned on appeal? It would have ended in the same mess. TRUST me!

So instead of me talking more about this biatch, I am going to add a link from an article on the Daily Beast that pretty sums up the reason why the Jurors did what they did.


I’m honestly glad she got acquitted. Because her jail has just begun. She’s been protected, for the last three years from the lashing she deserves.

The whole world knows who she is, and although she’ll make a ton of money, no money is worth what’ s coming to her.

The article’s about how the jurors being sequestored is the reason why they agreed to this verdict. I think it was the right one.

Til Justice for Caylee is served…


PS Cindy Anthony is about 50-60% at fault of why Caylee died. Overbearing, bitch mother anyone?


2 thoughts on “Miss Casey Anthony & THE VERDICT

  1. Justice for Caylee has prevailed! Thank God for Casey’s defense team and for the prosecution screwing up so much. 🙂

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