Oh 2011…

I would like to devote this blog to the year 2011. A letter to her (or him):

Oh 2011, you have been so kind and dear to me. Not only have you helped me grow from what I’ve learned in 2010, but you’ve helped me kick start something that I’ve longed for. And that’s my complete independence. I am blessed to have such a lovely family that have been there for me through thick and thin.

I’m blessed to finally have my home, and blessed to have a workplace that have so many wonderful people. I’m blessed to still have my Abuela in my life, and I am blessed for the friends that I made this year, and continue to have up until this year. And none of this would be possible without the grace and love of God, my father, Mary His Mother, and Jesus Christ, his only Son that He sent to the world to teach us that although it’s hard, being right is possible, in every way.

Could you pass on something from me, to Mr. or Mrs. 2012?

Ask them to continue to guide me and my maturity to what I will become. Although I don’t expect for complete law & order, orderliness, or calm, among other things, I ask for the courage to tackle the opposite of those things.

Ask them to please, don’t be so hard on this earth, and the good people in it. There are more good people then bad people, and I would like the focus to go towards the good ones and what they can get out of this beautiful planet, rather then the bad ones, who seem to get away with it all.

I enter 2012, with a little bit of fear, but with enough confidence to go through it.  I guess that’s life isn’t it? Just push forward year after year, until the day we are called into Heaven or whatever Kingdom we are sent to, to answer for what we’ve done here on this planet.

I hope by the end of this journey, I have done as good as I can.

and in 2012, I promise to be a better daughter, granddaughter, sister, co-worker, and friend. That I can promise with confidence.
Happy New Year to All! Have a fantastic Last week of the year!

Let’s get ready to tackle 2012, so we can get to 2013, with grace and calm.




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