50 Shades of Grey, not for the lonely!

SO…Image I started reading 50 Shades of Grey because I found it online for free (only way I would have read it, not paying $10 bucks for it to “Whispernet” into my Kindle).

Now first and foremost, I am a romance novelista. I have read hundreds of Romance Novels, all types (my favorite kinds are the ones where there are relationship developments and series’).

I knew what to expect. I was surprised at how the author took her time in developing the story into what it will eventually be, until BAM! POW! right in the kissah! You delve into what the book is going to be about.

I had to stop around Chapter 6-7, after she lost her virginity. No it’s not because of the sex or vulgarity, the author did good in having us vision what she wants us to vision.

It’s just as…a single woman, this is not a book you can read and go to bed dreaming sunshines and rainbows. This is definitely a book for women who have significant others. At least, that’s what I truly believe.

No single woman should read beyond what I’ve read. I will be removing this book from my Kindle and saving it until one day I am in a relationship. When I see that the relationship might need a little passion in it, I will re-read the first book and hopefully finish the series.

This book is meant to save marriages and relationships! It’s meant to spice up the bedroom (I truly believe this was not the authors intent!)

One day I’ll know the authors intent, because I will have read the book. In the meantime, I will continue reading my other books, because Shades of Grey is too much to handle for a single woman with no booty call options!



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