Election 2012

I have to air this out.

I’m an Independent. I don’t think I am going to vote this election.

But Obama is super annoying and althought he’s charasmatic and magical, he’s way into the celebrity of it all.

I like Mitt Romney, he tries. But unfortunately, he’s ignorantly out of touch, and his campaign team has screwed him over. I don’t know if it’s all on purpose for him to lose (because I do believe there’s a bigger plan) but if it isn’t, he’s wasted a lot of money and time.

Romney’s taped comments are not surprising. He was speaking to supporters that paid $50,000 to sit there, and he was just reiterating the beliefs of the conservative Republicans. This is what they all think. People using public assistance is a waste of life to them. His comments were not supposed to be heard by the general public. They were only meant for the ears of his supporters.

The liberals are having a FIELD DAY with this now. And I do not like Rush Limbaugh, but he’s right, this is not the time for all the Republicans to turn on Romney. I don’t get the cowarding. I’m truly shocked at how predictable everything has become in this election.

Whoever wins, the main focus is jobs. And I truly hope that whoever does win, focuses on that, rather than battling it out with the colleauges across the aisle.

It’s time we start working together. This is truly all a joke and it’s ridiculous.

Obama rubbing elbows with all these celebrities angers the hell out of me, and just because of his fakeness, I might just cast the ballot and give my vote to anyone but him. Out of pure spite.



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