Nelly Furtado – The Spirit Indestructible

My girl Nelta has done it again. This is definitely an album for her fans.

What I have always found so relatable about her is her corniness AND coolness at the same time.

All the songs stand out Uniquely. I am totally not a music critic. I suck at describing the “sounds” but let me just opine on each of the tracks (by the way she went with Darkchild and Salaam Remi this time which I almost peed in my pants for because this is a collabo that should have been done a long time ago!)


1) Spirit Indestructible – If it had been released last year with all the “Born This Way” themed songs, it would have been great and it would have beaten all the other trash “confidence” songs.

2) Big Hoops (The Bigger The Better) – Here, Nelta is in her truest form. With her DJ like lyrics, her references to 90s hip hop songs, and Darkchild beat, it’s perfection.

3) High Life – finally a song that’s not bitching about being rich and famous. She’s proud of her accomplishments, as we all should be. The High Life is relatable as well, especially if you came up from the bottom and are climbing your way to the top in your own life.

4) Parking Lot – huge banger, Nelly in her true form. She said that this album is referencing a lot of the Whoa Nelly! times, and let me tell you, this is what Whoa Nelly! could have been! But everything at its time.

5) Something – Nelly & Nas…a dream collabo of mines, come to life. Well done. Bring more!

6) Bucket List – beautiful, possibly one of the only radio friendly songs in the album. It’s about looking at your life and realizing your wasting time and not being in love.

7) The Most Beautiful Thing – a simple song about anything you find beautiful. Perfect song to add into the album, very Folklore-ish.

8) Waiting for Tonight – funny song, but I can see this playing in a restaurant while you eat.

9) & 10) Miracles and Circles – album fillers but solid songs to sing live if she wanted to.

11) Enemy – Simple song, but great melody and Remi’s production is his signature.

12) Believers (Arab Spring) I can totally see this used in a commercial of some type. I love it, I love the band she uses.

Bonus Songs:

Hold Up – Love love love, Very R&B-ish. Very late 90s.

Don’t Leave Me – the one genre Nelly never got to touch. Reggae! She kilt it.

I wanted to review this album because the radio has basically black listed her and her label has made no attempt at marketing it. I actually bumped into the album. But I hope word of mouth spreads because it’s solid and awesome. I do not believe she was trying to be like anyone but herself in this album, with the help of Darkchild who knows how to make anything sell.



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