Happy National Boss’s Day!

Let’s just cut to the chase. I was watching Good Day New York. And found these statistics unsurprising:

The Stats

1/3  of employees feel under appreciated by their boss

2/3 say they’d do a better job if they got along better with their bosses

This is costing America $360 Billion in lost productivity.

Better Boss or Raise?

65% Boss

35% Raise

Employees find their bosses “unpredictable” and are “feeling unappreciative”

5 Reasons to Tell Your Boss Go F*** Themselves (title of a book!)

– If you are miserable at work

– If the job is boring and tedious

– If your job is destroying your relationships with colleagues, family or friends.

– If you find the work to be senseless.

– If you do not find any sense of accomplishment in your work.

If you feel any of these, it’s time to leave.

It takes 22 months to rid oneself of a bad boss (almost 2 years!)

Solution – “Jolts of Joy”

go to the gym during lunch, go have lunch outside, listen to music, anything that has nothing to do with the boss!



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