My Surface RT

Well. I have had my Surface RT for a week now.

I must admit, I was a little frustrated the first 24 hours. Mostly because of all the updates it needed which, in reality, I love.

My Surface

I love it when devices automatically update themselves. It feels like I’m getting my money’s worth!

For the record, I’m an Android user. Google-ist. Google owns about 30-40% of my life. I use my HTC Evo 4G LTE A LOT. I have two Google e-mails and use Google Drive to maximum capacity. There was the option of the Google laptop for $200 or whatever the price was, but I didn’t want a laptop. Then there are the amazing tablets they offer, but I wanted something I can be fully productive with. I didn’t just want something to play with.

There’s two main reasons why I chose the Surface RT over net books, laptops, iPads, and Android tablets (which was a close second!).

1) I wanted a device I can watch movies on damn-it! When I borrowed my sister’s iPad for a couple of days, I accidentally remembered how much I enjoyed watching movies, while laying down! My net book died on me late last year. I didn’t realize how lost I was without it!

2) I thought about the long haul. When I go back to school, this device is going to be incredibly useful, especially since it has MS Office and even MS Note (and a keyboard!).

The setup was very simple. It was actually much easier than activating a new Android phone. I was pleasantly surprised.

Issues the first night

1) The People app. Adding Google. It would not log in for anything! I did a few updates, etc, and I think it works now, all my contacts are in.

2) The Tiles. Oh those tiles. Whoever thought of this must not be very imaginative. But after Youtubing how to move the tiles around, etc, I have a better handle on them.

My favorite part of it all. I have to say is the Desktop. The OPTION of the desktop. The ability to go into my files or anything that I download, open it, manipulate them, etc.

There will be an update this fall. Windows 8.1 (really? .1?) I’ve seen some Previews of it. They polished a few corners, but I pray that the final draft doesn’t remove the Desktop. I can’t praise the Desktop enough. To me it’s key.

For those of you who want a long-term useful machine, this is a great device. Open minded people that were taught the basics would appreciate it. Not to knock Apple, but at the end of the day, Apple users are not using a complicated gadget.

This tablet shows complexity and I really love it. I love the Touch Keys, the Screen, I love it all.

Thanks Microsoft!


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