Happy National Boss’s Day!

Let’s just cut to the chase. I was watching Good Day New York. And found these statistics unsurprising:

The Stats

1/3  of employees feel under appreciated by their boss

2/3 say they’d do a better job if they got along better with their bosses

This is costing America $360 Billion in lost productivity.

Better Boss or Raise?

65% Boss

35% Raise

Employees find their bosses “unpredictable” and are “feeling unappreciative”

5 Reasons to Tell Your Boss Go F*** Themselves (title of a book!)

– If you are miserable at work

– If the job is boring and tedious

– If your job is destroying your relationships with colleagues, family or friends.

– If you find the work to be senseless.

– If you do not find any sense of accomplishment in your work.

If you feel any of these, it’s time to leave.

It takes 22 months to rid oneself of a bad boss (almost 2 years!)

Solution – “Jolts of Joy”

go to the gym during lunch, go have lunch outside, listen to music, anything that has nothing to do with the boss!



Nelly Furtado – The Spirit Indestructible

My girl Nelta has done it again. This is definitely an album for her fans.

What I have always found so relatable about her is her corniness AND coolness at the same time.

All the songs stand out Uniquely. I am totally not a music critic. I suck at describing the “sounds” but let me just opine on each of the tracks (by the way she went with Darkchild and Salaam Remi this time which I almost peed in my pants for because this is a collabo that should have been done a long time ago!)


1) Spirit Indestructible – If it had been released last year with all the “Born This Way” themed songs, it would have been great and it would have beaten all the other trash “confidence” songs.

2) Big Hoops (The Bigger The Better) – Here, Nelta is in her truest form. With her DJ like lyrics, her references to 90s hip hop songs, and Darkchild beat, it’s perfection.

3) High Life – finally a song that’s not bitching about being rich and famous. She’s proud of her accomplishments, as we all should be. The High Life is relatable as well, especially if you came up from the bottom and are climbing your way to the top in your own life.

4) Parking Lot – huge banger, Nelly in her true form. She said that this album is referencing a lot of the Whoa Nelly! times, and let me tell you, this is what Whoa Nelly! could have been! But everything at its time.

5) Something – Nelly & Nas…a dream collabo of mines, come to life. Well done. Bring more!

6) Bucket List – beautiful, possibly one of the only radio friendly songs in the album. It’s about looking at your life and realizing your wasting time and not being in love.

7) The Most Beautiful Thing – a simple song about anything you find beautiful. Perfect song to add into the album, very Folklore-ish.

8) Waiting for Tonight – funny song, but I can see this playing in a restaurant while you eat.

9) & 10) Miracles and Circles – album fillers but solid songs to sing live if she wanted to.

11) Enemy – Simple song, but great melody and Remi’s production is his signature.

12) Believers (Arab Spring) I can totally see this used in a commercial of some type. I love it, I love the band she uses.

Bonus Songs:

Hold Up – Love love love, Very R&B-ish. Very late 90s.

Don’t Leave Me – the one genre Nelly never got to touch. Reggae! She kilt it.

I wanted to review this album because the radio has basically black listed her and her label has made no attempt at marketing it. I actually bumped into the album. But I hope word of mouth spreads because it’s solid and awesome. I do not believe she was trying to be like anyone but herself in this album, with the help of Darkchild who knows how to make anything sell.


Election 2012

I have to air this out.

I’m an Independent. I don’t think I am going to vote this election.

But Obama is super annoying and althought he’s charasmatic and magical, he’s way into the celebrity of it all.

I like Mitt Romney, he tries. But unfortunately, he’s ignorantly out of touch, and his campaign team has screwed him over. I don’t know if it’s all on purpose for him to lose (because I do believe there’s a bigger plan) but if it isn’t, he’s wasted a lot of money and time.

Romney’s taped comments are not surprising. He was speaking to supporters that paid $50,000 to sit there, and he was just reiterating the beliefs of the conservative Republicans. This is what they all think. People using public assistance is a waste of life to them. His comments were not supposed to be heard by the general public. They were only meant for the ears of his supporters.

The liberals are having a FIELD DAY with this now. And I do not like Rush Limbaugh, but he’s right, this is not the time for all the Republicans to turn on Romney. I don’t get the cowarding. I’m truly shocked at how predictable everything has become in this election.

Whoever wins, the main focus is jobs. And I truly hope that whoever does win, focuses on that, rather than battling it out with the colleauges across the aisle.

It’s time we start working together. This is truly all a joke and it’s ridiculous.

Obama rubbing elbows with all these celebrities angers the hell out of me, and just because of his fakeness, I might just cast the ballot and give my vote to anyone but him. Out of pure spite.


Funk's House of Geekery

Let’s not kid ourselves here – the end result is going to be The Amazing Spider-Man is the better film. We’ve already had two of our reviewers say as much. However a shift in attitude occurred when this new franchise was announced – suddenly people hated the Raimi trilogy. “Finally,” the people were saying. “Somebody is going to do this right”. That whole ‘Untold Story’ tag line always got on my nerves because it’s a story that’s been told multiple times.

Was it done so poorly to begin with? Spider-Man and its immediate sequel were massive hits both in cinemas and on home systems, and became the benchmark that all comic books films were compared to. Sure, it was goofy but so is the source material. Spider-Man is like Superman in that he’s one of the few characters to retain the spirit of the early days of serial comics…

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50 Shades of Grey, not for the lonely!

SO…Image I started reading 50 Shades of Grey because I found it online for free (only way I would have read it, not paying $10 bucks for it to “Whispernet” into my Kindle).

Now first and foremost, I am a romance novelista. I have read hundreds of Romance Novels, all types (my favorite kinds are the ones where there are relationship developments and series’).

I knew what to expect. I was surprised at how the author took her time in developing the story into what it will eventually be, until BAM! POW! right in the kissah! You delve into what the book is going to be about.

I had to stop around Chapter 6-7, after she lost her virginity. No it’s not because of the sex or vulgarity, the author did good in having us vision what she wants us to vision.

It’s just as…a single woman, this is not a book you can read and go to bed dreaming sunshines and rainbows. This is definitely a book for women who have significant others. At least, that’s what I truly believe.

No single woman should read beyond what I’ve read. I will be removing this book from my Kindle and saving it until one day I am in a relationship. When I see that the relationship might need a little passion in it, I will re-read the first book and hopefully finish the series.

This book is meant to save marriages and relationships! It’s meant to spice up the bedroom (I truly believe this was not the authors intent!)

One day I’ll know the authors intent, because I will have read the book. In the meantime, I will continue reading my other books, because Shades of Grey is too much to handle for a single woman with no booty call options!